If you have a touchscreen phone, you know the importance of protecting the screen. Screen imperfections affect touchscreen controls, and can render the phone useless. When looking for a screen protector, you’ve likely considered plastic and tempered glass options. Tempered glass screen protectors are more expensive than plastic, but they are well worth the extra cost.

Protection from Drops

There is a good chance you will drop your phone a time or two. If you don’t want to visit a cell phone repair shop every time it happens, you need a tempered glass screen protector. These protectors absorb shock so your phone isn’t damaged if you drop it. In some cases the shock might cause the protector to break, but when you take it off your screen will look as good as new.

Protection from Scratches

These protectors also provide protection from scratches. Since the protectors are scratch-resistant, they maintain a smooth surface, even when they have been on the phone for a long time. Plastic, on the other hand, gets marked with every tiny scratch. Because of that, you have to replace plastic screen protectors on a regular basis.

Natural Feel

You don’t want to feel as if you are swiping a screen protector every time you use your phone, and you won’t when you choose tempered glass. In fact, you will likely forget that you even have a screen protector on your phone, thanks to the natural feel that tempered glass screen protectors provide.

When you have a good screen protector in place, you won’t have to come to a smartphone repair shop in Twin Falls, ID every time you drop your phone. That will save you a lot of money in the long run, along with the headache that comes with constant smartphone repairs.

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