You love your iPhone, and you love social media. Bring them together with the best social media apps for the iPhone.

Then, you can hit up your friends in Lee’s Summit and beyond without getting off your iPhone.
(But don’t hit them literally… well at least not with your iPhone… or we will be seeing you soon at PhoneFixation in Lees Summit, MO)


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook makes the list of the best social media apps for the iPhone. It was one of the first apps to offer a completel y integrated iPhone experience, and it continues to evolve, with 360-degree videos and Instant Articles. As long as there is an iPhone, the Facebook app will likely continue to be popular.


Tweetie didn’t just revolutionize the way people use Twitter when it launched. It changed the way people use the iPhone in general. When Tweetie 2 launched, the pull- to-refresh concept was born. That changed the entire iPhone user experience. Pull-to-refresh is still used to this day. The next time you pull your screen down to refresh it, you can thank Tweetie. Without it, you would still be refreshing your screen the old-school way. Who wants to do that?


Cloze is one of the coolest social media apps to ever hit the market. It collects all of your Facebook posts, emails, tweets, and more and then prioriti zes them based on relevancy. Then, you can read your social media posts based on relevancy instead of chronological order. If you want to stop missing emails and tweets from your boss, this is a must-have app. It just might change the way that people communicate online.


Unlimited texting plans are the norm in Lee’s Summit, but that isn’t the case in many other places around the world. That ’s why WhatsApp is so popular. This app lets people send SMS messages to others around the world in a fast and easy way. If you don’t have your own unlimited SMS plan, check out the WhatsApp app. It will change your life, or at least save you some cash. Then, you will have some extra money if you need to take your phone to a Lee’s Summit iOS repair shop to repair that broken screen you got when you tossed your phone across the room in excitement.

These apps are all ground-breaking in their own way. Download them so you can see what all of the fuss is about. You will quickly see why they remain popul ar over time

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