If your Android phone doesn’t have much storage, you probably wonder if you need to upgrade. In reality, you can survive on a mere 16 GB of storage, as long as you follow some tips. These will keep your phone running, even if it doesn’t have a lot of extra space.

Transfer Items to an SD Card

A lot of Android smartphones are compatible with SD cards. This provides a good way to free up some internal space so your phone will start humming along once again. Just go over to the “Storage” setting and transfer your data from your phone to your card.

You also have the option of going to the “Apps” setting and moving data over from specific apps. This is a good idea if you have some data-heavy apps. Just make sure to check this often, as the apps will keep filling up with data.

Use the Cloud

You can save everything you want without clogging up your phone by using the Cloud. Go with a safe service, such as Google Photos. This comes with unlimited photo storage, so you can move your photos off your smartphone and free up tons of space.

Stream Instead of Download

With services like Spotify, you can limit the amount of music you store on your phone. Instead of putting every MP3 you have ever purchased on your device, just stream it from Spotify or another service. This will save you several GBs of space if you listen to a lot of music.

If you try these tips and your smartphone still doesn’t have enough space, it might be time research your options for smartphone repair in Twin Falls, Idaho. At Phonefixation, we can make some simple adjustments to help you save space and optimize your phone’s performance.

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