Every year the top phone manufacturers release new models of their top-selling phones. In some cases the newer models only offer simple upgrades to screen size, battery life, or storage capacity. In the year 2016, however, a number of new phones are slated for release that will have you counting down the days on the calendar until you can get your hands on one.

New Phones Coming Out This Year

Over the course of the next year, many top smartphone manufacturers are planning to release their newest models, including the following.

1. Apple iPhone 7 – Although the official details have yet to be released, the newest addition to the iPhone family is rumored to boast a number of significant design changes. The iPhone 7 will feature a new D-jack headphone jack, an eSIM card, and waterproof protection, not to mention an A10 processor and 2GB of RAM.

2. HTC One M10 – This updated version of the HTC One is scheduled to be released sometime during early 2016 and is expected to exhibit improvements in screen size and display quality. HTC has some catching up to do in comparison of its products to those of its competitors, and the HTC One M10 will hopefully bring things up to speed.

3. LG V10 – The LG V10 has a similar look as the LG G4 Pro, featuring a Quad-HD dual screen with two front-facing cameras. This phone will have 64GB of internal storage, a removable battery, and a hexacore Snapdragon 808 chip.

4. Google Nexus 6 – The newest Google Nexus smartphone will feature a Snapdragon 820 chip to ensure faster performance and increased energy efficiency. This phone will be the launching pad for the new Android operating system – Android N – and will look and work like a tablet.

5. LG G5 – The LG G5 smartphone will likely be released in the spring and, while few details have been confirmed, it is rumored to feature an iris scanner, a large-capacity battery, and wireless charging capabilities.

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