Summer is a great time to go out and experience all Twin Falls has to offer. It’s a time to hit local fairs and events or to enjoy family barbecues. If you’re like most people, you won’t hit the hotspots without your electronics, and with the elements and transportation risks, you’ll want to protect your favorite tablet or phone with important tips from a Twin Falls iPhone Repair Shop.

Waterproof Your Electronics

From waterproof cases to plastic baggies, you need to make sure that your electronics are protected from water. Failing to do so can result in a visit to an iPad or laptop repair shop before the summer is over. Also, don’t expect your plastic baggie or waterproof case to be foolproof. You still need to exercise caution when you’re around the water.

Protect Your Ear Jack with a Dust Plug

Summers are dusty. The dry heat brings out the dust, and that dust can wreak havoc on your electronics. In fact, if you go to a tablet repair shop in Twin Falls or elsewhere, you will likely see a repairperson digging sand or dust out of an electronic device. Avoid this problem by using a dust plug. These plugs go right over the ear jack so dust and sand can’t make it into the electronic device.

Find Some Shade

If you’re going to hit the beach with your electronics, stick them in the shade. Your phone, tablets, and laptops can’t survive in hot temperatures. In fact, Apple states that the iPhone shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures over 95 degrees. Simply putting your electronics in the shade will keep them cool and protect them during the hot summer months.

If you experience a summer emergency with your devices, stop into Phonefixation in Twin Falls for an expert opinion on how to restore your electronics and get you back out in the summer sunshine.

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