If your Android device is running slowly, you might be ready for a new iOS. Never one to wait too long between launches, Android quickly followed up on Lollipop with Marshmallow, which is full of slick features. Let’s take a look at the highlights so you’ll know if you’re ready to upgrade.

Icons for Settings Shortcuts

If you’ve used an Android device in the past, you have probably used the setting shortcuts. All of these shortcuts used to look the same. They had a standard cog and then the name of the shortcut, which made it hard to glance up and make a selection. Marshmallow includes an icon inside of the shortcut so you can see what the shortcut is without taking out your reading glasses.

Google Voice Search

Android Marshmallow also provides easy access to Google Voice Search. You can access voice search via the lock screen. Insiders believe this is a sign of how seriously Android is going to take voice search in the future. Expect it to continue to become a bigger part of the Android experience moving forward. Eventually, it might replace typed searches all together.

System UI Tuner

One of the best things about Android is the ability to customize and fine-tune the settings. You can access the System UI Tuner at the very bottom of the settings menu. Marshmallow lets you use it to add a battery percentage indicator, choose icons to display, and more.

Android Marshmallow has a lot to offer users. Still, if it stops working, it will be useless. If you have any problems, Phonefixation offers the best smartphone repair in Lee’s Summit, MO. We can get your phone back up and running again, which means you will be able to enjoy all of the cool features available with Marshmallow.

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