It only takes one careless second to turn your beautiful iPhone screen into a cracked mess. Your first thought is likely to take it to somewhere or to someone to get it fixed a.s.a.p. But, before you run to the nearest Twin Falls iPhone repair shop, you might want to try some DIY tips.

These tips might save you a few bucks.

Get the Right Kit

You can’t start the repair process without getting a kit. Many people don’t realize that each type of phone has its own kit. If you get a kit for an iPhone 5 but you have an iPhone 6, it won’t work. Make sure that you read all of the fine print before you make your purchase or your smartphone repair won’t go as planned.

Go with Official Apple Products

It’s tempting to save a few bucks by going with a generic screen, but it’s not worth the savings. Apple’s screens are clear, sensitive to the touch, and superior to the generic screens out there. If you replace your screen with a generic one, you’ll want to break it again just to get that generic screen off your high-tech iPhone.

Even though it may cost more up front to get Apple products, in the long run, you will likely save money from having to replace products a lot less often.

Protect Your Hands

iPhone glass sticks together when it breaks, but a stray piece can still get you during the repair process. Wear gloves to protect your hands when repairing your phone. Otherwise, you could end up with a broken screen and a bloody finger. That is not a fun way to spend an evening.

When in Doubt, Hire a Professional

You can have the best intentions, but sometimes, you can’t handle a DIY repair. It’s nothing to feel bad about. iPhones are high-tech devices, and it can be frightening when you pull off the old screen and see the phone’s inner workings. If you feel like you’re in over your head, take it to a Twin Falls smartphone repair shop and let a technician get to work for you.

Whether you handle the repair yourself or you pass it over to a technician, it won’t take long to get a new screen on your phone. Once that happens, it will be like you never dropped it and your careless mistake will be a thing of the past

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