When your phone won’t charge, it can’t wait.

There are several reasons why your phone may not charge, and it is possible that a little troubleshooting will help your phone work again.

Run down our list to bring your phone back to life before the battery dies.

#1: Check The Battery

Check your warranty FIRST, to ensure it won’t be voided, but you may remove the back of your phone to expose the battery. The battery can be removed and inspected easily. A battery that is oozing or puffy has been overcharged in the past, and must be replaced immediately. Batteries that have been overcharged cannot be repaired once the cell becomes bloated.

#2: Restart The Phone

You may remove the battery and replace it quickly. Restarting the phone may help the phone update itself to the present time. Phones may become stuck in an operation that prevents them from charging, and you stop that operation when you turn the phone off. Removing and replacing the battery gives the phone time to coordinate itself before you turn it on again.

#3: Check The Charger Port

The charger port for your phone may not connect correctly to your charger. Charger ports that are too loose may be GENTLY pinched back in place with a pair of pliers.

You may not feel comfortable doing the job yourself, but the charger port is exposed when you remove the back panel on your phone. A slight squeeze wi ll help your charger connect correctly to the phone.

Too nervous to try it yourself? Trust your gut. Twin Falls smart phone repair shop, Phone Fixation, completes these simple repairs day in and day out.

#4: Check Battery Consumption

There are apps you can install that will monitor battery usage. You may notice that certain applications use a lot more battery power that you would have thought.

Several apps working at once could prevent your phone from charging properly. Shutting down these apps using your new battery monitoring app can hel p your phone charge more efficiently.

Troubleshooting phones that don’t charge is an easy task when you follow the few steps listed above. You may need to try each step before your phone starts charging again, but there is hope for your phone.

No luck? Call the best Twin Falls iPhone repair shop & let us get you charged up again.

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