Tablet Repair 2

Tablet Repair We’re here to help you repair your Tablet We repair and stock most parts for all makes and models. Book Service Most repairs are done in under one hour! Life is hard enough without dead batteries and cracked screens. At our tablet repair shop, we are here to help you when technology fails […]

Broken iPhone Screen Repair Tips

It only takes one careless second to turn your beautiful iPhone screen into a cracked mess. Your first thought is likely to take it to somewhere or to someone to get it fixed a.s.a.p. But, before you run to the nearest Twin Falls iPhone repair shop, you might want to try some DIY tips. These […]

5 Fixes for a Cracked or Broken Display on an Apple Smartphone or Tablet

There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping your iPhone or iPad, only to have the screen crack. Your device is asically unusable when the screen is cracked, so you have to do something quickly. Fortunately, you have five options for cell phone or tablet repair: 1. Use AppleCare+ If you purchased AppleCare+ with your iPhone or […]

Best Android Apps 2016: Best Apps for Your New Phone or Tablet

You just received your Android phone back from the Best Twin Falls Android repair shop, and you’re ready to put the latest and greatest apps on it and continue your love affair with your device. You’re just like us and can’t live without it. We know. We feel your joy and pain. There are many […]

Best Social Media Apps Ever Made for the iPhone

You love your iPhone, and you love social media. Bring them together with the best social media apps for the iPhone. Then, you can hit up your friends in Lee’s Summit and beyond without getting off your iPhone. (But don’t hit them literally… well at least not with your iPhone… or we will be seeing […]

2 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Android or iOS Device

Children are notorious for grabbing phones away from adults. Once your child gets on your phone, there is no telling what he or she will access — from music to apps, your phone is full of inappropriate content. To make matters worse, those quick little fingers don’t mind downloading content as well. If your child […]

Travel Tips: How to Protect Your Electronics When on the Go This Summer

Summer is a great time to go out and experience all Twin Falls has to offer. It’s a time to hit local fairs and events or to enjoy family barbecues. If you’re like most people, you won’t hit the hotspots without your electronics, and with the elements and transportation risks, you’ll want to protect your […]

Android Heating Issues – Tips to Avoid Phone Overheating Issues

Whether you plan to hit the beach or just hang out in your Lee’s Summit backyard this summer, heat is going to be an issue when it comes to your favorite devices. Your Android phone can become more sensitive if it is overheating along with being exposed to the sun, so it’s up to you […]

Best 5 Android Phones: What Should I Buy?

If you’re in the market for an Android phone, you need to know which one to buy. Let’s look at the top five phones, so you can pick the one that fits your needs and style. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge A lot of reviewers have stated that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best […]